Original spare parts are the spare parts that produced by producing company. It is vital to use Original Spare Parts to maintain performance and productivity. Original spare part prolongs machines life and guarantees the maximum performance.

As MST, we thoroughly test our spare parts like everyone else. Durability, productivity and safety is paramount. These topics are considered at design stage and realized during production. Shipment and stocking stages are in compliance with certain standards as of manufacturing and presented in best stages in every stage.

Reliability of these parts are precise. However, you never know what kind of problems will occur from sub-industry spare parts. Original spare parts are vital for consumer life safety and environment.

Original spare parts are essential for your machine. With original spare parts, you can protect the value of your equipment. It is more durable and of good quality, thus prolongs life cycle and it is more economical in the long run.

As MST, we do not sell original spare parts directly to end clients. We distribute original spare parts to clients via our authorized services.

In general, all of the parts that are used by main companies during production and consumption materials and accessories are in scope of original spare parts. Original spare parts prolong life cycle, thus, in long term, it makes financial sense to use spare parts as well as reliability wise. It is certain that original spare parts do not harm the machinery.

Low quality spare parts and unqualified personnel can harm the machinery, do not provide guarantee and increase the risk of safety. Furthermore, you may experience quality issues.
Quality standards for various spare parts are shown below:

• Ensures the correct ratio of air/fuel mix. 
• Secures maximum motor performance.  
• Delivers fuel efficiency and reduces poisonous waste gases.
• Minimizes humming that occurs with air suction.
• Completely fulfils its duty until change cycle • Has high dust holding capacity. Protects motor.
• Thanks to its high air opacity, it enables motor to get air easily and delivers maximum motor performance.
• Ensures ideal fuel consumption

One of the most important factor of the motor life cycle is the quality and performance of belts and tensioners. An unexpected tearing, extension or damage in tensioner mechanism will cause unrestrained movement of pistons and valves. Consequently, valves and pistons will crash each other. This can cause expensive motor damages.

Tensioner mechanisms must be in compliance with various parameters.
• Long term protection of operation properties under high tension.
• Repair fee operation.
• Correct operation throughout life cycle

Oil filter prevents motor damage by holding particulates that tears from motor vibration or pre-combustion of fuel in the motor. During motor start, a number of surface wearing occurs. In order to prevent motor damage from these particulates resulting from wear, motor oil is spread through these sections. Oil filters, purifies the motor oil that circulates within the system from harmful dust particulates, particles from wear and smut and provides the circulation of clean motor oil through the system.

The feature to prevent the wincing of oil in filter during motor stop, enables rapid oil pressure development on the instant of motor restart. It has features to enable oil flow in case of hard conditions like blockage. Moreover, original filters have features that provides oil supply under all conditions and a filter housing against impacts and corrosion.

Dirty fuel can harm to oil pumps, injectors and consequently to your motor. Original fuel filters clean the oil from dust, rust, water and residue in motor tank.

Benefits of using oil filter:
• High cleaning performance
• Smooth and regular operation of motor in idle running
• Long lasting motor
• Complete operation until next service period