Sanko Holding consist of companies that have successful activities in sectors like Textile, Construction, Packaging, Heating and Cooling, Finance, Information and Communication, Energy, Food, Health and Education. As a part of the holding, MST CONSTRUCTION AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC.

A.Ş. was founded on July 2003 in Istanbul-Kartal with experienced and expert staff.

MST CONSTRUCTION AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. with it’s 42,000 m2 indoor facilities, with the state of the art technology, in Gaziantep, produces MST branded Bekoloder, Telescopic Forklift (Telehandler) and Mini Excavator under Sanko and add value to our national industry.

MST branded Bekoloders was first produced in 2003, and telescopic forklift (Telehandler) has been produced as of 2008. MST Telehandler, is the first and only made in Turkey product. Today, more than 70 countries use MST branded heavy machinery that are produced in our factory.

MST CONSTRUCTION AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC., made an impression with MST trademark. Furthermore, thanks to the broad service network in all over Turkey, high quality service, maintenance and repair, high availability of spare parts and fully equipped mobile service vehicles, we provide our clients trouble-free and qualified service.

MST, consistently widens it’s product range and applies new technologies to it’s production as a result of R&D studies. MST’s R&D studies are undertaken by Turkish engineers and technicians in MST R&D center that has been certified by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Reorganized under SANKO, MST is always there for you with broad service and sales network and affordable and highly available spare part stock.


Company Profile

MST CONSTRUCTION AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. was established on July 2003 in Istanbul with experienced and expert staff and operates under Sanko Holding in heavy machinery sector.

MST CONSTRUCTION AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. focused mainly on three fields; heavy machinery, Telescopic Forklift (Telehandler) and Mini Excavator. Sanko Holding, with MST trademark started Beko-Loder production in 2003 and became a manufacturer in heavy machinery.

Thanks to Turkey wide extensive service network and highly available spare parts MST provides high quality and smooth service to its customers. MST is behind its products 100%, also it makes second hand evaluation.



To be an international trademark in construction equipment sector


To increase our market share by implementing customer focused service, providing high quality and advantageous construction equipments to market.

Honesty and Transparency
Team Work
Managing Contrast
Efficient Communication


We are MST

Our young and dynamic team is constantly pushing limits, makes difference and adopt quality as a lifestyle. We see education as an investment and we are generous about it. We protect our environment and we keep in mind that environment is really belongs to our children.

WE; protect our heritage, bring it to our future and believe in honesty. AS MST, when the wind stops, we row.

We believe that success and strength comes from team work, and if you believe that ideas must be realized, join us!


IMS (Quality, Environment, OHS) Policy

As a company that appreciates its workers, pay attention to quality, environment, occupational health and safety in all processes, and prioritizing our clients and social responsibilities in ever changing market;

We ensure constant improvement and development of our integrated management system with active, constructive and creative inputs from our work force.

We are fully committed to national and international quality, environmental, occupational health and safety standards and regulations.

We use environment friendly and health risk free new technologies.

With the understanding of recycle and reuse, we practice efficient waste management system, and aim to use natural resources and energy in productive manner.

We develop and apply systems to provide occupational health and safety, to prevent injuries, health problems and accidents.

We establish well founded relationships with our suppliers.

We design, manufacture and offer better heavy machinery from our competitors to satisfy our customers in terms of quality, life cycle and meet of expectations.


ISMS Policy

By implementing this policy MST CONSTRUCTION AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. Senior Management Is hereby commits and declares that to realize “To be an International Trademark by increasing market share by offering Quality and Advantageous Heavy Machinery to the market and engaging customer oriented work ethic” company target; Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility protection of information assets via Information Security Management System shall be implemented and following policies shall be followed to ensure sustainability and continuity. Information security Management System standard terms and requirements shall be provided. Under ISMS policy, all commercial and personal information regardless of third party relation, the confidentiality of produced and/or used information shall be under strict indemnification. Laws of Turkish Republic, regulations, memorandums, customer agreements and legal legislations will be followed and in compliance with these shall be procured.

Unauthorized use of all information assets, with or without knowledge, alterations, make public and battering shall be prevented. Risk assessment of information assets shall be done and determined risks will be mitigated. We will raise the information safety awareness of our personnel. Furthermore, training about system operation will be held to regular company workers, newly hired personnel and to suppliers in case of related situations. All violations regarding to information security shall be reported, necessary measures shall be implemented to prevent the reoccurrence. By utilizing business continuity, continuous access to information and effective, accurate and swift use of information shall be provided by means of access authorization. Necessary sources will be provided application, sustainability and improvement of Information Security Management System.